Oden - God of war, wisdom and death

Those that die in battle are taken to his hall Valhalla, where they feast and prepare for the final battle against the giants at Ragnarok. A god for kings and warriors but not to be trusted as he willingly changes sides from one favourite to another.

Hugin and Munin(Thought and Memory)

Odins two ravens which flew out every day gathering information and on returning told Odin about all they had seen.


Odens horse, Sleipner, is eight-legged and grey in colour. It is the fastest of all horses and can travel over both land and sea. Sleipner is Lokes offspring and was born after Loke, in the shape of a mare, had mated with the stallion Svadilfare.

Thor - the thunder God

He is the protector of the gods and mankind. With the help of his hammer he battles against the giants and forces of chaos. Thunder is the sound of him in his chariot and lightning when his hammer strikes.

Frej - the God of peace and fertility

He controls reproduction and the growth of crops.
His sacred animal is the horse.

Freja - Goddess of love and fertility 

She is desired by all. She owns the fabulous Brisings necklace and a chariot drawn by cats. Half of those who die in battle belong to Freja.