Thors Hammer

Hammer-shaped amulet, often stylised, alluding to Thors own hammer, Mjölner. About fifty silver hammers and a small amount of bronze and amber hammers have come to light. The majority are from treasure trove in southern and central Scandinavia. A quantity of small iron hammers with several strung together on larger iron rings have been found in the mälar-region of Sweden, but these are believed to be burial offerings rather than the pendants represented by the silver hammers.


Thors hammer, with which he protects gods and humans from the giants and powers of destruction. Mjölner always hits its target and returns to Thors hand. When it`s not in use Mjölner can become so small that Thor can wear it as a pendant. Mjölner has however one fault, the shaft is too short, as Loke caused the bellows to collapse when the hammer was in the forge.


An ornament or small piece of jewellery carried specifically for protection against evil or danger. Viking Age amulets include miniatures of weapons and tools, miniature bells and human figures. Thors hammer, spearheads that symbolize Oden, swords and axes represent the weapon amulets. Frej, the fertility god is represented in small scythe-shaped pendants. Amulets of wands, small chairs, steels and others, although quite common, are more mysterious.